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Table of Contents 

Director’s Summary
Participant Engagement
Participant Demographics
Music Recording Studio
Indie Music
A Cabinet Academy
Youth Entrepreneurship Training
Community Artist Training Program
Environmental and Culinary Arts
Connect to Youth
The Legacy Project
Individual Giving and Third Party Initiatives
Marketing and Communications
Social Media
Volunteer Report
Social Enterprise


Hammers hammering, movers moving, saws sawing, contractors contracting. Constant movement. Gardens growing. Films being made. Social Enterprise experiments. And summer. Sweet summer days that went way too fast. As SKETCH made its transition this quarter moving all its goods from storage to this new home that we’re still putting together, projects in satellites began to wrap up, pack up and wind down. At the same time designs for what our programs looks like in these new digs ramped up and new possibilities and new collaborations are emerging. At the same time SKETCH went through this quarter with great nervousness to enter the final quarter of the year, where we know the funding pool diminishes and where we had no strong leads to finish our space renovations. It has been challenging to stare down the throat of an impending deficit, while trying to move an organization (and its culture) into a new space and with that, new processes. We realize that a new kind of rigour will be necessary to chart a way forward that maintains health and resilience for SKETCH, the organization and its devoted staff and participants. All hands on deck!!


Declaring Possibilities – SKETCH strategic plan 2012-2017

Strategic Direction: 
Progressive Learning in Community Arts

Collective Impact–Proliferation across GTA, Ontario and Canada


Artistic Director Phyllis Novak, conducted evaluations and trainings with partners in Hamilton with ArtForms and in Ottawa with MASC and Youth Services Bureau. Prototypes are being developed in these multi-year partnerships that are being tested in the upcoming year and some plans to find new funds to support these efforts are happening. Otherwise consultations continue to happen on a one-to-one basis for projects emerging across the province. Some consultation was done by the AD with a group called Creative Life in Vancouver.


The Women’s Xchange research project has conducted activities with a first cohort of young women participating in a textiles project. This project will set a tone for the 3 remaining 10-week sessions that will be designed for the 4th quarter. At the beginning, middle and end of every 10 weeks, participants are invited to contribute to the research through interviews and focus groups. The results of all 4 sessions will be evaluated in the 1st quarter of 2015.

Exiting Street Life Study was a research project between CAMH and Dalhousie that invited participants from LOFT Community Services, Covenant House and 2 Halifax sites to contribute to a study identifying the barriers to transitioning out of homelessness. Youth who were interviewed mentioned SKETCH as one of their support bases throughout the transition and SKETCH partnered with the project team to host a knowledge transfer event and findings were animated in a comic book released at the event. This was a successful event with visits from the Deputy Minister of Child and Youth Services which can lead to potential provincial strategy to support youth in transition out of homelessness.

SHARED Platforms:
The mentorship platform of SKETCH is growing particularly with the new admin hub centrally located and accessible. By the end of this quarter there are a total of 7 emerging projects and organizations on the platform receiving various forms of mentorship and support to experiment with art initiatives.

Equitable opportunities that promote inclusion

A new collaboration with Neighbourhood Arts Network around Equity, Community and Art, started in this quarter with 3-year support coming from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. This initiative involves SKETCH to be a lead with NAN to support the growth of Equity in the community arts field, hosting workshops and trainings and supporting the Emergence Symposium that brings leaders in the field together every 2-3 years to set direction and notice trends for the sector.

Equitable opportunities that promote inclusion

Outreach to connect with diverse communities.
Programs that creatively address systemic barriers.

Progressive learning in community arts

         Creative discovery – Skills development – Economic Self-sufficiency – Leadership in Community

Report on the Components of Engagement in the Framework and Outcomes:

Increased Health and Wellness
Increased Literacy and Education
Increased Creative Enterprise, Employment and Economic Self-sufficiency
Increased Leadership in Community

Participant engagement in SKETCH programs.

SKETCH had 1531 visits this quarter by 201 individual youth, 93 of whom were new.

SketchSTATS-Participation-Infographics3rdQ-01 SketchSTATS-Participation-Infographics3rdQ-02 SketchSTATS-Participation-Infographics3rdQ-03

The programs with high levels of engagement this quarter were the Community Artist Leadership Training Program, CUE, A Cabinet Academy, Community Garden & Enviro-Arts, and the Music Recording Studio. This is somewhat lower than previous quarters, but that is by design: during this quarter, SKETCH was piloting programming at the new Creative Enterprise Hub, and so ran mostly small-group (often closed-group) sessions in order to closely monitor how the new programs were launching, and be able to support them fully. While there will always be growing pains, this careful and thoughtful approach and slow launch has resulted in a celebratory and well-supported beginning of programs in the Creative Enterprise Hub.
3QRSketch-Participation-Infographics-BYPROGRAM-04 3QRSketch-Participation-Infographics-BYPROGRAM-03 3QRSketch-Participation-Infographics-BYPROGRAM-02 3QRSketch-Participation-Infographics-BYPROGRAM-01

Participant demographics in SKETCH programs.



Gender: 35% of participants this quarter identified as male, 49% as female, 4% as trans, 11% as two-spirit/gender fluid/nonconforming, and 1% as other.


Ethnicity: 39% of participants this quarter identified as African/Caribbean, 31% as European, 3% as South-East Asian, 2% as East Asian, 4% as Middle Eastern, 6% as Latin American, 4% as South Asian, 4% as First Nations, and 4% as Asian.10% of individuals identified as Newcomers.



Housing: this quarter, 83% of youth identified as housed, 11% as underhoused, and 6% as not housed.



Employment: this quarter, 38% of youth identified as employed, 6% as self-employed, 24% as under employed, and 32% as unemployed.

InfographicsMailOrg_Sketch3rdQuarter-04 Schooling: this quarter, 28% of individuals were in school, and 72% were not in school.



Participant Engagement Orientation Session:

Welcoming youth and community partners into SKETCH’s new Creative Enterprise Hub! Toward the end of this quarter, the program team held an Orientation Session for youth and community partners, to spread the word about opening the new studios at Artscape and introduce the new program format. Over 75 youth and staff from community partner organizations attended for tours, arts activities, and information about the Fall program sessions. It was a celebratory day, capitalizing on and ramping up excitement about the launch of more programs, as will happen in the 4th quarter.


Community Partners: staff attended and brought youth from Central Toronto Youth Services, Evergreen Yonge Street Mission, Covenant House, YMCA House, Humber College, Supporting Our Youth, and more.

1. Increasing Health and Wellness



This quarter, SKETCH made 50 referrals to external and internal resources. Of those, 30 were external: 4 for Health & Mental Health (Queen West Community Health Centre, Parkdale Community Health Centre), 4 for drop-ins (YMCA Drop-in, SOY, Evergreen Yonge Street Mission), 2 for Shelter & Housing, 5 for Food Security (St. Francis’ Table), 4 for Training & Employment (Youth Employment Fund, Courage Labs, Youth Employment Services), 10 for Arts Organizations (Artscape, Artreach, CUE), and 1 for Legal Services (Street Youth Legal Services). The remaining 20 were between SKETCH programs: staff referring youth from Music to CUE, or from Culinary Arts to Enviro-arts.


2. Literacy, Education & Skill Building


Textiles skill-building and research with young women

SEWGood is part of a research project in partnership with Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. The purpose of the research is to explore the role of creative arts engagement in the health of young, street-involved women. The project engaged 10 young women to learn basic sewing skills and create zipper bags, journal covers, reform existing clothing, incorporate wearable technology into clothing, block printing, embroidery/hand stitching, and light pattern drafting.


Once they became familiar with the basic skills they were given the space to propose an individual project based in their own interests. The final projects were inspiring, complex and so rewarding for those who created them: a bowtie with LED lights made from scratch, a new skirt based on an old favorite, and a series of pattern drafted clothing. It was truly inspiring to have the enthusiasm of the participants in the space. The facilitation team (including Lynn Hubbs, Textiles Coordinator, plus a CA and placement) worked well together – this is a medium that benefits form a small facilitator-to-youth ratio.

Community Partners: Textile Museum of Canada, Women’s College Hospital and University of Toronto, Placements: Sharon Abel, Khimar Morgan. 

Music Recording Studio:

Music exploration, skill building and developing the careers of budding musicians

Youth continue to come to the studio for singing and instrument lessons, beatmaking, recording and engineering their original music. The studio continues to work hard to be as accessible as possible, with regular referrals from CAMH and Hinks Dellcrest, several new youth with visual impairments, and mobile workshops with youth connected with Native Child and Family Services. Placement Sophia Jackson also led a small four-week songwriting series with young women, who are so often marginalized in the music industry. The recording studio sessions were often more focused on jamming and collaborations this quarter, or youth learning about engineering, so youth can share their own resources to co-create (laptops, home recording equipment) and be less dependent on the music studio.One musician was asked once again to perform at the Massey Centre’s graduation.


Toward the end of the quarter, the music studio slowed down activity at Masaryk-Cowan Community Recreational Centre and prepared to move to the new sound studio at Artscape. The program held two goodbye jams to celebrate the wonderful years at Masaryk-Cowan, and then closed programs to focus on setting up the incredible new studios, which also received an unbelievable donation from the Gary Slaight Family! This donation will go a long way in making this a professional-quality sound studio.

Community Partners: Masaryk-Cowan Community Recreational Centre, Native Child and Family Services, Massey Centre for Women, TD MusiCounts, Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Central Toronto Youth Services / New Outlook, Seaton House, University of Toronto, Ontario Media Development Corporation, Placement Claire Whitehead and Volunteer Gabrielle Charron-Merritt


3. Increasing Employment, Economic Self-sufficiency, & Social Purpose Enterprise

Indie Music:

supporting musicians to promote and distribute their music, get gigs, and other professional development

No report available.



supporting youth in professional development for careers in the arts world

The MG program had a quiet quarter, connecting with two possible commission projects for youth artists that would also act as fundraisers for SKETCH. Both GelSkins and May 24 reproduce artists’ work on commercial items (watches, phone cases, other accessories) and have been in talks with SKETCH about the possibility of making lines of products with youth artists’ work on it. This is an ongoing negotiation, and some youth artists are interested. Community Partners: May 24, GelSkins, Placement Alicia Nunez.


A Cabinet Academy:

Skill building in woodworking and design, constructing cabinetry and storage for SKETCH’s new studios

This quarter, Cabinet Academy continued to build skills in cabinetry and woodworking, making and installing cabinetry in the studios, setting up and constructing the Industrial Arts Shop, and developing a workshop on building a raised garden bed for the Chester Le Community Garden with 16 youth. The workshop was repeatedly delayed due to weather, when it finally happened, it went incredibly well and the day ended in double rainbows! This was also a small tester for a Cabinet Academy social enterprise, with youth developing and leading the workshop, then receiving pay for their facilitation.


Following this, the Cabinet Academy crew participated in the Street Kids International entrepreneurship training sessions, developing their business plan, and being awarded $500 funding to further develop their case. This was an opportunity to have some difficult but necessary conversations about creating a sustainable business, such as how to generate enough income to provide living wages for each member. Once their detailed plan is submitted, they are eligible for an additional $5000 to start their creative enterprise. They have since been offered a small commission project to build tailored boxes for the Centre for Social Innovation.

Community Partners: Chester Le Community Garden, Agincourt Community Services Association, Building Hands, St Stephens Community House, Centre for Social Innovation

Youth Entrepreneurship Training

Intensive business plan training to launch youth creative enterprises

This quarter, SKETCH partnered with Street Kids International to offer an intensive small-group.

Youth Entrepreneurship Training. Over the course of 6 sessions, 11 emerging youth entrepreneurs received training and mentorship in business plan development. The series ended with awards of $500 grants to select youth or groups of youth to further develop their plan.


The facilitators were engaging and knowledgeable. The Cabinet Academy crew all participated in the trainings, and submitted a business plan for a creative enterprise called Wooden It Be Nice, and they were awarded $500! They are continuing to work on their business model, and will compete for a $5000 prize to launch their business.

Community Partners: Street Kids International.

4) Youth Leadership and Organizing in Community

Community Artist Training Program:

trainings, support and mentorship for youth leadership development

The third community artist cohort began this quarter, with six inspiring new CAs. Their year-long training started with a one-week intensive orientation, including equity and anti-oppression practices in community arts – exploring equity through performance, creative writing and visual arts. The equity module was an open session, and brought out at least 20 youth who hadn’t attended before, illustrating how important these issues are for young people. The core CAs have been participating in the weekly training series, along with numerous other youth from the community, on topics such as classism and poverty, colonialism and intersectionality, socially-engaged arts, critique, self-care through the arts, inclusion and accessibility, harm reduction and crisis prevention.


The core CAs have also had access to weekly studio time, to begin developing their portfolio projects from the very outset of their internship – it’s a new experiment, with the hope that it will result in stronger portfolios with this cohort. It also fosters a special kind of trust and group cohesion as they make art side-by-side. The coordinator has found that the counseling side of their one-to-one supervisions is critical for the CAs’ full and sustained participation. Each has been paired with at least one SKETCH program that they will support. They also played a key role in outreaching for the Fall module of programming, through doing presentations at partner organizations, and doing street outreach and handing out kits (SKETCH book, markers, SKETCH flyer, granola bar). The street outreach was especially successful – they built their confidence, which was reflected in the Open House when CA’s hosted tours and welcomed visitors with ease and confidence as they welcomed and oriented youth new to SKETCH’s programming.

Community Partners: Canadian Roots Exchange, Inclusion Press, Covenant House, Evergreen Yonge Street Mission, 519 Community Centre, Queen West Community Health Centre, and Anishnawbe Health Toronto. Placements: Laura Robertson & Eddie Hareven

Environmental and Culinary Arts:

community kitchen, urban community gardening and environmentally-engaged art projects

This quarter, the Culinary and Environmental Arts program led closed activities with three wonderful Enviro-Arts Community Artists: they supported the launching of the community kitchen, creating food for the newly-launched programs in SKETCH’s new studios, alongside the new Community Arts Coordinator and AA. They made wonderful, healthy meals for youth participating at SKETCH, and received great response. Additionally, the EACAs each had an independent project: one made sub irrigated outdoor planters, another created a SKETCH cookbook zine, one trained to get his SmartServe, another studied mindfulness meditation; and one created a zine on inclusion practices.


They all participated in a West End Food Co-op workshop on canning, explored the special needs for drop in kitchens regarding food procurement, and went on field trips to Allan gardens and the PACT garden to be inspired and imagine possibilities. They also supported SKETCH’s garden plots at Fort York and the Children’s Garden at Givins Shaw School, with weeding, garden maintenance, horticulture identification, harvesting, seed collecting, and bringing the harvest into the kitchen.

This year’s harvest included tomatoes, tomatillos, kale, chard, cucumbers, corn, herbs, beans, lettuces, and more, which has been successfully integrated in with the food offered in the community kitchen. They also brought their enviro-arts skills to the broader community: they created a mural at Beatrice House showing a lush and restful landscape with a waterfall and garden, and a mural with About Face, using words to create an image of a raccoon, as a mascot depicting resourcefulness. The quarter ended with the EA crew catering a highly successful launch event for a CAMH research project. All the Enviro-arts CAs, plus placements and volunteers, banded together to create a tasty meal showcasing garden produce. They were inspired, fearless chefs, learning new skills and recipes as well as employing the ones they knew well.

Community Partners: Fort York Community Garden, West End Food Coop, About Face Collective, Givins Shaw Public School, Toronto Summer Institute, YWCA Beatrice House, Evergreen Brick Works, PACT garden


SKETCH’s Social Purpose Incubator for ceramics-based creative enterprise

Just.Clay continues to facilitate weekly ceramics workshops for the public out of Evergreen Brick Works, and has added an additional day, so they now run workshops both Saturdays and Sundays. This continues to go well, with everyone from children to seniors joining for molding, glazing, coiling and wheel-work. They have also been trained in using the kiln, opening up future opportunities at EBW as kiln technicians. A youth volunteer who had been working closely has formally joined the Collective, and taken up the roles of communications and social media; this is opportune as PRC is working on developing their marketing and promotion plan for future workshops.


The Collective has also been working on finalizing their business plan, initializing their pilot program to offer structured workshops to community or corporate groups, and explore programming for school groups. They partnered with AFCY to share space with AFCY’s Artist in Residence, a great opportunity to share techniques and inspiration. This quarter they adjusted to their new studio space, including making signage and promotion to announce where they are, setting up the studio and arranging tours. They also led two community workshops: a children’s birthday party and a workshop for the SKETCH Enviro-Arts crew.

Community Partners: Evergreen Brick Works, Arts for Children and Youth, Number 9 (a ceramic program at Toddmorden Mills)

Connect to Youth:

youth-led theatre workshops, increasing social workers’ capacity to support youth dealing with systemic oppression

C2Y continued the Acting OUT series, focusing on trainings building workers’ capacity in supporting LGBTQ* spectrum youth. This quarter, Acting OUT focused on outreach, recruitment, auditioning and training a new cohort, while promoting and delivering workshops to community partners. The new cohort are a great fit for the program, and have successfully been building their acting and improv abilities, increasing their skills as facilitators and leaders, and developing their personal and professional capacities.


All workshop scenes increase social service workers’ capacities to support children and youth who may be experiencing difficulties due to systemic oppression (homophobia, transphobia, racism, heterosexism, ableism, sexism). A major highlight of this quarter was seeing the incredible growth of the youth mentee, who came on as a youth trainer and has since been hired as a co-facilitator, coordinator support and workshop planner. Youth are attracted to this program because of a desire to effect systemic change, and through learning and creating together they increase their feelings of power and efficacy, and see their own impact on the world. This programming continues to demonstrate its effectiveness in facilitating increased communication, self-awareness, reflectivity, and emotional literacy, both among youth and among workers. Youth increase the capacity to be leaders, facilitators and advocate for themselves; and workers increase their understanding of how to support youth.

Community Partners: Humber College CYW program, CAST Children’s Aid/Out and Proud program, SYLS/JFCY, OHRC, East York East Toronto Family Resources, Home base Housing (Kingston), Covenant House, Evergreen Yonge Street Mission, Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter. Volunteer: Laura Roberts. Placement: Sophia Jackson.


mentoring and launching the careers of youth artists on the margins

This quarter, CUE launched a 2-week CUE artist residency with SKETCH (a two-week residency with one ceramics artist , launched Creative Enterprise grants (which attracted wide interest and engaged a significantly wider scope of youth than those who would typically connect with us for funding and support), disseminated over $22,000 to 34 artists, and organized 2014’s Margin of Eras exhibition (to happen in the 4th quarter). Amongst this, they produced 6 videos documenting CUE activities, and solidified venue space at City Hall for a Margin of Eras recap show.


CUE led 78 mentorship sessions and three public info sessions, with 172 visits total by 82 youth. They also turned the Toronto city election into the Political Infiltration Project, a performance art event, attending seven mayoral debates with surreal masks, and mock election signs and pamphlets. This received major traction in terms of engaging the audience and inserting itself into the media.

Community Partners: East Metro Youth Services, NIA Centre for the Arts, Council Fire, Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training, West Side Arts Hub, Art Starts, Arts for Children and Youth, Jumblies Theatre, Artscape Youngplace, Streets to Homes, Councilor Mike Layton.

Community Engagementt

The Legacy Project: pairing established and youth artists to collaborate on a public mural in anticipation of the Pan Am / Parapan Am Games SKETCH worked with the Z’Otz* Collective and youth artists to create a mural on an outdoor wall in the Corktown neighbourhood. Entitled the Legacy Project, this mural, supported by the StART Program, celebrated Pan-American arts and cultural in anticipation of the Pan Am Games. The project started with a series of lively community consultations to seek feedback on the design and aesthetic.


The design set, established artists the Z’otz* Collective mentored three SKETCH youth artists to recreate the design on the public storefront, completed the mural and unveiled it for the public this fall. The final mural is beautiful and has been welcomed warmly by the surrounding community. Community Partners: Street Art Toronto, Pan Am Ignite, Z’Otz* Collective Tracking and analyzing participant demographics. – See attached zip files for Participation Stats and Demographics.

Revenue Generation, Operations, and Social Enterprise

Individual Giving & Third Party Initiatives

Who our donors are: Donor as generator, social change investor, etc.
VISION: We see an engaged gifting community that infuses SKETCH with resources to realize mission.
MISSION: To identify prospective donors, cultivate their engagement with SKETCH, educate and build relationships and steward their increasing support.

  • To bring individuals into the SKETCH movement
  • To connect new investors to SKETCH
  • To deepen engagement
  • To develop active relationships

Summary: As expected, the third quarter was the slowest of the year in terms of donations received. This year we received $21,804 compared to $39,901 received in Q3 last year. However, that was due to a $20,000 gift received, which is atypical. The third quarter of this year was spent mainly prepping for fourth quarter fundraising initiatives (direct mail and the Scotiabank run). We also did an overhaul of our grant fundraising filing system and grant research was conducted, which means we are administratively better equipped heading into our busiest fundraising season.

resdevThird Quarter Breakdown of Individual Giving:

The following chart outlines private revenue received during the third quarter, with a breakdown for funds directed towards the Annual/Operational Campaign and the Capital Campaign. During this quarter, any unsolicited funds were directed towards the Capital Campaign.


Summary of Activities


Ongoing Donation Administration and Stewardship – related to all online giving platforms Grant and Fundraising Filing – Working with Verity to develop and maintain a system for tracking all grants we apply for through paper filing and our Sumac database. Grant Research – Working to collect all grant research into a cohesive document that has prospects listed in priority order. These will then be entered as prospects in Sumac and assigned to grant writers. Grant Writing – I submitted a grant proposal to Public Safety Canada to fund a comprehensive security system.


We sent out the hardcopy donor newsletter in early September to everyone who has made a donation in the past year. For the first time, we had it professionally designed by our graphic designer, which significantly elevated the sophistication of this piece.


Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon –

Celebrity – We have reached out to several people of profile and asked them to run for us. The best prospect at this point is Rachel Mirvish (David Mirvish’s daughter). However, she is running a 10km the week before and feels that her donors would be tapped out. She might run for us anyway and let us use her name though, if we can do the fundraising. The other prospect is Jully Black. We have been introduced to her manager who has been invited for a tour. However, we have not heard back and don’t feel confident that this will happen in time for this year, but perhaps next year. –

Youth – We have one youth that will probably run the 5km for us and let us do a story about him for our e-newsletter, which can also be submitted to the STWM newsletter. –

Entertainment Station – SKETCH will be providing music (Michael O’Connell and the SKETCH band) and dance choreography (led by Kerry Boileau), as well as some visual art in the park. – Sponsors – So far, we have received donations from Foot Locker, Indie88, Saul’s Beauty Shop, No Frills and Metro. We also have a number of prospects we are waiting to hear back from such as Starbucks and other food providers. Bonnie is working on getting Honest Ed’s to provide a free something for the first 50 people who show up to cheer for SKETCH. –

Outreach – We have provided presentations for the West Queen West BIA as well as Foot Locker Canada. Our summer Fundraising Assistant called every running club in Toronto and asked if we could come and do a short presentation for them, with no success. She also reached out to tons of local businesses to secure in-kind donation, sponsorship dollars and runners. We have been promoting the run via email blasts and social media with little success. – Runners – We have 10 runners signed up. We have received 10 donations totalling $665. –

Needs – We need all Board Members to sign up to run or walk for SKETCH and make personal asks to their friends, family and colleagues. Presentations – were done for the West Queen West BIA Board of Directors and executives from Foot Locker. These presentations were a great starting point to potentially building a good partnership. Follow-up is being done. Coffee Club – we are planning to launch a casual Coffee Club program at SKETCH to introduce new people in the neighbourhood to SKETCH. EA and SP Assistant and I have been meeting with Martha Burns to get this started.


There are no major ask happening in the third quarter because this is not a likely time for people to give. However, there has been a lot of prep work done, such as conducting interviews, to get ready for the asks happening in the fourth quarter, which include:

o Thanksgiving Campaign
o Holiday Campaign
o Phone-a-thon o Matching Email Campaign to coincide with Holiday Ask
o Neighbourhood Postcard Mail-out

Volunteer Report

  • Community volunteering
  • Participant volunteering
  • Program continued to benefit from the support of 4 placements
  • The Board of Directors
  • The Capital Campaign

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 12.08.35 PM

Marketing & Communications

Build and Implement Innovative and Marketing Strategies and Campaigns 

Throughout Q3, the Marketing and Communications Associate’s focus was on establishing new SKETCH communications: supervising all aspects of the creation of newly-branded comm. materials for all departments; supervising and setting up new Program Materials in time for the new framework and its launch; creating the first Brand Book draft.

Official SKETCH Fund. Events & initiatives

  • By request of Artistic Director, coordinated A Long Way To Go invites, promotions and other communication tasks
  • Supervised Orientation day communications and invites
  • Assisted Resource Development Associate in creating and scheduling Scotiabank marathon communications

Marketing Support to SKETCH Events & 3rd Parties

  • Consulted on, coordinated with or presented at third-party fundraisers or events: Iduana, Indie88 cruise, I Love You Toronto, Al Green Gallery, RMT Studio, Virgin Mobile Mural, Aterna Savings, West Queen West BIA, YoYo Ma music workshop, Footlocker visit,
  • Ensured third-party promotions appeared in SKETCH communications (#buildSKETCH).

Analyses: 2014, so far, has featured more third-party SKETCH events than previous years, website has played a large role in encouraging this trend

Internal and External Communications

  • Took on Program Communications supervisory role from Program Administrator during her sabbatical; delegated and supervised Prog. Comm. tasks among Communications team
  • Consulted with Program, Resource Development Team and Directors to create project timeline for new Graphic Design Assistant
  • Trained GD Assistant on SKETCH protocol and graphic design workflow
  • Oversaw all graphic design projects, advised on branding and copyediting
  • Compiled information from Prog. Team and Directors for the new program Calendar; co-supervised Calendar development with Artistic and Prog. Directors
  • Created text and oversaw design of SKETCH Brand Book draft (assistance from GD Assistant)
  • Supervised and edited the Quarterly Report for the Board with GD Assistant and Program Admin. Assistant
  • Hired Copyeditor Volunteer to edit official SKETCH documents, supervising her weekly visits
  • Supervised communications team on SKETCH blogging, the Monthly SKETCH, social media and messaging
  • Coordinated SKETCH website maintenance
  • Edited, updated or created new pages on website reflecting change in framework and programming
  • Supervised Graphic Design Volunteer (Holly Horner, June to August) in creating graphic design templates for server
  • Supported Resource Development Associate with her communications (Scotiabank, donor newsletter)
  • Consulted AVNU on communications, AYP on internships
  • Toured Lower Level for special guests


Brand Book to be presented in Q4 to staff, delays due to added communications task
Graphic Design Assistant working spectacularly with staff, highly recommend keeping her on staff past February.
Program Team should settle on new programs’ schedules and descriptions before approaching Communications Team to design materials in order to avoid delays and re-dos
Communications Team now officially handles several Program communication tasks
Marketing and Communications Associate now supervises Quarterly Report for the Board

 Admin & Miscellaneous Support to SKETCH community.

  • Joined Innoweave workshop to develop Impact Statement and Theory of Change documents
  • Along with Resource Dev. Associate, co-coordinated the interviewing and hiring of Graphic Design Assistant
  • Supported the Program Director in disseminating the Culinary Arts Coordinator ad to stakeholders and public
  • Attended Summer Institute with staff
  • Attended AYP Advisory meetings
  • Admin included quarterly reports, timesheets, comm. staff reviews
  • Copyedited or created documents for Program, Resource Development teams
  • Presented new branding materials to Fundraising Committee to great acclaim


  • Looking forward to implementing Impact statement into communications
  • Recommend connecting Summer Institute program with SKETCH’s annual closure

Communications Assistant: Graphic Design

SKETCH was able to secure funding to engage a young Graphic Designer. There has been no shortage of work and there is so much more needed in the near future, especially with the Social Enterprise being launched under a SKETCH Brand! Here is the list of what the GD was able to complete since they began:

  1. Run with SKETCH Poster campaign designed and printed for outreach–July 24th;
    Rough Draft of Brand Book printed and presented to Artistic Director–September 5th
    Flyer Templates for Programs created for (Chrysalis, Turn Up Your Volume, Mindful Movement for Pregnant Bodies, C2Y). Collaborated with Program Co-ordinators and developed templates to used SKETCH wide–September 8th;
    Annual Donor Newsletter designed and printed (450 copies) for distribution with Fundraising Associate–September 14th;
    Designed layout for a CUE brochure, adjusted according to feedback and coordinated its printing and online version–September 8th .
    Save the Date Orientation outreach material created and distributed-September 27th ;
    Major Operation Signs and icons created for Lower Level, coordinated with Operations Associate through design process, implementing changes according to feedback–September 25th ;
    Mail-Org Infographics for 2nd Quarterly Report created and posted online–September 25th.

Communications Assistant

Top Objectives:

  • Taking over SKETCH Program Communications( Facebook page and MailChimp account) from Sonya as she went on sabbatical
  • Sent three Monthly SKETCH e-newsletters for July, August and September
  • Updated SKETCH online assets per staff request
  • YPI group tours resumed in September (hosted two tours so far)


  • Took over SKETCH program Communications from Sonya while she goes on sabbatical till October. This included daily Facebook posts geared to youth and community partners and MailChimp email campaigns to mainly community partners and youth.
  • Also took over outreach email account from Sonya where I responded to SKETCH program inquiries and received program and community partner information to promote via Facebook
  • Monthly SKETCH E-Newsletters continued to be sent the middle of the month to a subscriber list of 2,000
  • Mini social media campaign via Facebook and MailChimp to youth and community partners to promote and gain momentum for SKETCH program launch on October 6
  • Collaborated with social media intern on content creation for SKETCH social media and blog
  • It’s great to have more information on SKETCH program offerings and clear information on the new program framework

 SKETCH Social Media 


  1. Social media growth since last quarter
  • Facebook pages likes: 3,479 – 3% increase
  • Twitter followers: 2,168 – 14% increase
  • Instagram followers: 234 – 25% increase
  1. Five youth arts profiled and promoted on SKETCH blog and social media.
  1. Nine third-party events and nine SKETCH events were promoted on social media.
  1. Organized weekly monitoring of posts that work and engage users.
  1. More social media graphics created to promote events, announcements and inspiration.



Over the course of the third quarter, the main operational tasks included outfitting and setting up the Lower Level. SKETCH hired Operations Administrator, David Yu, to support this process. David has been working closely with the Program Team and Management to create processes that will work efficiently with SKETCH’s unique programs as well as SE needs. Nearing the end of the third quarter, David’s contract was re-adjusted to include the duties of the EA as well as the responsibility of creating operational processes in the Admin Hub.

In addition to the operationalization of both the Lower Level and the Admin Hub, the third quarter also marked the official end of the capital campaign and construction hand-over. SE Administrator, Elly, took on some of these responsibilities all while continuing to develop the rental business module.

During the middle of Q3 I started officially as the Operations Associate for SKETCH Working Arts. I was given the opportunity to spend a week prior to my time at SKETCH to assess the Lower Level studios and organize what type of work is necessary to operationalize the Lower Level. Through speaking to the directors and the program coordinators I identified some key areas in which to focus on to move forward the Lower Level Studios to be ready for the potential of SE renters and also ready for Programming starting in October of 2014.

  1. Lower Level Studio Setup
  2. Operations/ SE/ Programming Guidelines
  3. Cleaning and Maintenance of LL

Lower Level Studio Setup

There was an urgency to set up the Lower Level Studios for programming use launching new programming in October. There were basic needs such as the installation of signage and also the introduction of guidelines and protocols to maintain the space for a dual use of potential SE renters. With this there needed to be organized line items for participants and renters to follow. The following is a list of items that were organized, managed, and set up throughout Q3.

  • Creation and Installation of Simple/ Temporary Signage for general markings of shelving usage and cleaning supplies etc.
  • Creation and Installation of Vinyl Permanent Signage with help of Graphic Designer Pallavi Thampi
  • Moving and organizing all of the SKETCH three years of storage materials from storage and into the LL Studios
  • Organized and set up of the LL project office – creation of space for program coordinators and SE facilitators to work out of
  • Organizing and installing of Key boxes for Operations/ SE/ Program
  • Oversaw the Security System installation and training on the video camera surveillance system and SKETCH key card system
  • Installation of three phones in the LL studios – Culinary Arts, Audio Arts, Project Office
  • Installation of Hand Towel systems
  • Installation of First Aid Boxes

Operations/ SE/ Programming Guidelines

The main focus of creating overall Operations guideline for the Lower Level was to streamline easy processes for everyone to follow, whether it be participants in programming or outside SE renters. Here are the general areas that I have been focusing on during the Q3 period.

  • Consulting with Program Coordinators to create a plan of action to tackle their individual space and studio needs
  • Researching into Booking Bug as a resource for programming and also SE
  • Creation of Start and End of Day Procedures for both Programming and SE – Pepping the space before programming and SE and securing the space at the end of the day
  • Creation of an Equipment Sign Out structure for booking and the procedure for lending for programming
  • Creation of a Key sign out structure and procedure for programming
  • Aided with open house for participants to introduce the new programs and encourage sign up
  • Consulted on program signage request and implementation with focus on the mission and aesthetic of the front reception area
  • Moved into testing phase of programming guidelines with cleaning/ maintenance routines
  • Creation of the “Host” position for programming and delegating tasks for the Host to complete when facilitating the space for Lower Level

Cleaning and Maintenance of LL

One of the most important aspects of having a space that is both useable for participants and also potential SE renters is to have a clean and safe space for people to use. With this there is was a need to hire a new cost effective cleaning company with a focus on customer communication and satisfaction.

  • Vetted and hired a new company Ecosweep to clean the LL studios and Admin Hub which was more cost effective
  • Organized a system with SE to make sure that SE and Programming cleaning needs are met during the transition between SE time and Programming time
  • Maintained maintenance logs for LL equipment

Outstanding Projects

Here are some of the outstanding items that are left to tackle in order to have the Lower Level Studios to be further operationalized.

  • Completion of overall facility Operations guidelines – The next phase will now loop in Programming needs and SE needs within the overall guidelines
  • Specific operating guidelines for studios tailored specifically for each specialized space with a focus on health and safety and the specialized equipment that needs to be maintained and or used in a specialized way
  • Finalizing final build elements and what furniture items/ storage needs is necessary that is useable for program and works with SE for the LL studios
  • Creation of a mini user manual/ cheat sheet for the new Siemens Security System
  • Creation of an overall maintenance plan for all studios and space with a regular schedule of reoccurring maintenance checks.
  • Working on a lobby plan (permanent signage that works with mission statement program needs)
  • Working on a permanent solution for the Donor wall that pays recognition to the larger donors (working with Phyllis and Catherine)
  • Working on IT map of the LL studios as well as Admin Hub
  • Working on the Admin Hub IT map
  • Organizing Admin Hub Key Box
  • Organizing the storage solution of the Admin Hub
  • Installation of Living Wall lights for Environmental Arts – Organizing electrician

Over the third quarter EA and SP Assistant took on financial administrative tasks while continuing her responsibilities as the Executive Assistant. Those tasks included equipment and space booking, office supply management, BOD correspondence and support, calendar support for the Executive Director, and management of



EA and SP Assistant assisted the Fundraising team by supporting the planning of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. After assisting with the planning leading up to the event, EA and SP Assistant took on the role of coordinating the set-up and take-down of the cheering station the day-of the race. EA and SP Assistant worked with management to set-up and host the cheering section where volunteers and spectators enjoyed coffee, breakfast, and music played by the SKETCH Go Band.

Virgin Mobile RE*Generation Mural Project:

SKETCH partnered to work with Virgin Mobile to create a mural for their West Queen West location. EA and SP Assistant provided project coordination assistance and PR support to the Virgin Mobile team. EA and SP Assistant served as the main point person at SKETCH and supported the Virgin Mobile team to host both a youth reveal and media event. EA and SP Assistant worked with the youth media spokesperson and provided media training that prepared them for media interviews that took place at the event. In addition to attending both the youth reveal and media reveal, EA and SP Assistant served as the media spokesperson at the media reveal when a last minute scheduling mix-up arose with the management team. All in all, the event was a great success and SKETCH was mentioned via various media outlets such as the Globe & Mail and Etalk.


Over the summer, EA and SP Assistant supported the coordination of the Taste@SKETCH meeting with Chef Higgins. Due to the fact that Sponsorship Administrator, Danielle, was working off-site, EA and SP Assistant provided scheduling and communications support for the SKETCH team. Near the end of the third quarter, the SKETCH team was able to nail down a meeting date for the chef to visit with SKETCH Culinary Artists on Oct. 30th 2014.

Gary Slaight Tour:

EA and SP Assistant worked with SKETCH management and fundraising team to coordinate a time for Gary to tour the Lower Level studios and the Music Studio. After deciding upon a date for the tour, EA and SP Assistant worked with Music Program Coordinator, Marketing and Communications team and the Fundraising team to plan a tour that would include the involvement of the BOD as well as a jam session with youth.

AYP Extravaganza:

EA and SP Assistant supported the AYP Planning Committee by coordinating SKETCH’s involvement of hosting workshops in the Lower Level.

Public Relations Support:

Due to the recent HR shifts, EA and SP Assistant had to transfer her PR responsibilities to Marketing & Communications Associate, Dale Roy, and take on more of a role in financial administration.

Executive Assistant Administration Support:

EA and SP Assistant continued to support management throughout the third quarter. Her responsibilities included equipment and space booking, office supply management, BOD correspondence and support, calendar support for the Executive Director, and management of

Financial Administration Support:

EA and SP Assistant continued to assist management by collecting and tracking all staff time sheets, submitting cheque requests, reviewing cheque requisitions, cheque processing, assisting with payroll, bank deposits, subsidized contract tracking and processing, financial filing, and other financial related tasks.


Since May 2014, SKETCH has enlisted a Social Enterprise Associate to begin to form the design, strategy and implementation of the SE arm of SKETCH. This has proven to be very helpful as Elly Green has assisted in several areas, preparing us to be ready to launch the space to the public in January 2015. These areas include;

Build / Construction:

– Managed all Lower Level deficiencies (w/LGA, Structure Corps, Mayfair and other sub- contractors)

Supported David Yu – Operations Associate:

– LL general operations (signage, maintenance, PRG & SE)

Security System:

– Coordinated all details, payment, installation, then transitioned to Operations

Ceramics Studio Set-up:

  • Supported Shannon Partridge (8 week contract)
  • Coordinated CUE (SKETCH Partner) residency
  • Sourced and secured all furnishings
  • Coordinated installation with Youth build team
  • Created a template for other studio set-up

Social Enterprise Development:

SE info packages

Per studio, including: SKETCH

Photo – place holders with my camera §§ Square footage
Other basic info

SE Forms – Rental (Studio) o Contract template

Waiver Liability / Release vs. Certificate of Insurance o Guidelines & damage fees per studio

Daily checklists

SE Forms – Rental (Event)

Contract template

Waiver Liability / Release vs. Certificate of Insurance o Guidelines & damage fees per event
Recommendations for staffing / hours
Checklists (arrival & departure)

Building layout

SE Pricing
Complete charts – analysis of use, priority times, PRG Timeblocks o Review with SE CommitteeOn-going costs from bookkeeper to update pricing

SE Rentals – Facilitated & Hosted
Secured and supported a mix of Studio rentals and multiple events
Processed all contracts and payments *see attached Paid and Receivable reports.

Submitted: November 14, 2014