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What do you get when join AVNU?

Nine Organizations, five workshops, a certificate, and 50,000 Aeroplan miles! 

AVNU (pronounced “Avenue”) is a unique learning space where you can build skills, knowledge, and networks based on your needs. We provide workshops, hands-on learning experiences, and opportunities to access guidance and insight from other leaders in the youth-arts and community sectors. To learn more about upcoming workshops, how to get an AVNU certificate, and how to apply for a learning journey, please visit avnu.ca.

Workshops, Networking and Clinics

We organize lots of workshops on topics like grant writing, event and festival planning, fundraising, advocacy, marketing and social media and more. These workshops create opportunities for you to expand your networks by meeting other youth, potential funders, and mentors. 

You can also attend clinics and speak one-on-one with mentors and leaders in the field–getting support and advice that is specific to your project. Go here to learn about our upcoming workshops and clinics.


AVNU offers training programs like Art of Facilitation and Community Arts Leadership for emerging facilitators and leaders who want to hone their skills. These training programs will help you access critical knowledge and skills, and connect to amazing community leaders and mentors. Contact info@avnu.ca to learn about upcoming trainings.

Learning Journeys

After receiving AVNU certification, you can apply for a chance to travel and develop your own project outside of Canada. Learn about new cultures, share your knowledge and learn from the experiences shared by other young people from organizations around the world.

Contact info@avnu.ca to apply for your learning journey. 


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1000 Ways to T.O.

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How Do You Learn?

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This is for You

SKETCH is a member of AVNU, a collaborative of nine community organizations based in Toronto.

Photo credits: Anil Hanasoge and Fonna Seidu.