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 CALL FOR Artists, Crafters, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurial types!

Request For Proposal – SpaceShare Partnership:

A dream opportunity awaits you in partnership with SpaceShare, SKETCH’s social enterprise facility rental initiative that includes eight decked-out specialty studios located in the Artscape Youngplace building at 180 Shaw St. Toronto.

You are looking for an outfitted studio – you know how to use the equipment within your studio of choice – you have a budget for studio rental – and you would like to include a social component in your work or business. If this sounds like you, keep reading!

This “SpaceShare Partnership” benefits you with discounted rental rates, flexible and on-going access to outfitted studio space and an opportunity to work within a Creative Hub like no other in the city.  What kind of discount are we offering? Pitch us with a budget, schedule and overview of the social return you’d like to provide. We’ve created our space to host social growth and build creative networks so do not hesitate to apply no matter how simple or grand your idea, budget or schedule may be!

Key Dates:

2017 Deadlines: Feb 1st, May 1st, Aug 1st  & Nov 1st

– Facility and studio tours can be booked on Fridays (contact elly@sketch.ca)

– Selected proposal will be awarded Mar 15th, Jun 15th, Sept 15th and Dec 15th

Included Studios & Hours: 

All Studios

– Hours of availability run Thursday after 5pm, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday before 5pm

General Requirements:

– A social return component to offer

– Insurance – a certificate of insurance will be required

– Studio rental budget and schedule


Contact Elly Green – elly@sketch.ca | 416.516.1559 x1000


Proposal Submission Criteria:

– Please send your proposal in a single PDF file to elly@sketch.ca, with “SpaceShare Partnership – Submission” written in the subject line.

1. Who are you? – Provide us with a resume and/or website link that showcases your skills, abilities and previous work.

2. What studio are you interested in?

3. What will you be working on? – Brief description (one paragraph)

4. What is your ideal schedule? – What day/times you would like to work in the studio – please note your flexibility as well

5. What is your space rental budget? – What you would like to pay for hourly / daily / monthly studio use

6. What will your social offering be? – What product or service are you developing and how will it improve human or environmental well-being?   Your social component could give back to our immediate community here at SKETCH, or the neighbourhood, city and even country.  Provide us with a 1-page description outlining your hopes of social return (please include visual reference if applicable).

A few examples:

i. Create a product and donate some back to SKETCH (ex: food product, cooking tool, facility need or outfitting);

ii. Teach a free class extending your knowledge to others in our city;

iii. Include a hiring of a community member or artist from SKETCH’s community to work alongside you in your studio work;

iv. Provide a free workshop to SKETCH programming.

7. One Reference – Please include a reference letter recommending you for this enterprise partnership opportunity