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“Being involved in the program gives me confidence. Like, in my stage shows and performing, the more I do here (at The Slaight Family Studio), the more confident I am in the things I do outside of here.”
– Maesha

With the incredible support of The Slaight Family Foundation, SKETCH’s Music Recording Studio has been elevated into a professional-quality sound studio. Since receiving their generous gift we are now offering a tremendously enhanced iteration of our music program. In the past year we have seen over 150 individual youth engaged in music-making at SKETCH, through over 900 individual visits.

Here are some photos, videos, recent media coverage, and the impact the Studio has had on SKETCH musicians and performers.





Oddane’s music story

Gusai’s music story

Sherisse’s music story

Media Coverage

Global National news coverage on Oddane Taylor’s story.

Indie88’s interview with Oddane on his music.

Slaight Family Studio-produced PSA for INDIE88.

The Slaight Family Studio’s Impact

The creation of the SKETCH JamBand, a rotating band of cross-genre SKETCH youth musicians who are building skills in improvisation, performance and collaboration is a major celebration of the year. They have been commissioned to perform both original and cover songs at several SKETCH events. Each musician gets a chance to act as band leader, and each gets to learn how to facilitate the band and follow another musician’s lead.

In Turn Up Your Volume, a professional development program for independent female musicians, artists have been developing press kits, learning how to do beat-making, learning about the recording process and technology, as well as writing, composing and arranging songs. They also registered for royalties, wrote bios, booked gigs, and released music online. Each youth finished the program with an original demo song, an artist press kit and access to professional resources. This program works to demystify the music industry, which can often be intimidating and alienating by providing clear, actionable information about how to realistically launch a music career;

In Adventures in Sound, youth have been attending Guitar Circles to improve guitar skills, participating in weekly Live Jams to improvise and experiment across genres, learning how to contrast their own original electronic beats (for hip hop and dance music) and making high-quality recordings of their music;

In Vocal Jam, youth joined with members of the general pubic for an intergenerational project to make rhythm, sound, beats and song in this dynamic community experience that draws from traditions of circle singing, improv, body percussion and creative sound play. Youth have been developing skills in spontaneous song creation, vocal improvisation techniques, vocal percussion, community choir singing, harmonizing and body percussion.