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Businesses of all sizes have rallied to build accessible platforms for young artists at SKETCH to venture into entrepreneurship, mentorship, and opportunities in community leadership!

event goers bid on art for SKETCHBoost Agents got ad-agency CEOs to create and auction art to support SKETCH  

How have some organizations fundraised for SKETCH?

  • Otera Capital hosted an industry-wide golf tournament,
  • Tattoo People donated the proceeds from one day’s work,
  • Jimmy’s Coffee auctioned off their own customers’ artwork,
  • More examples here!

If you’d like to share or develop your fundraising idea, or chat about SKETCH, contact Dale Roy at or (416-516-1559 ex. 3401).

Resources for your event

For SKETCH content–logos, videos, printable we-support-sketch posters–click here.

Please note, regrettably SKETCH cannot play a large role in organizing external fundraisers, but we’re happy to provide pointers below and chat about what’s possible. For more on this and other stipulations, read our Third-Party Agreement form.

Pointers for your Office Fundraiser

1. SKETCH Promotes! It’s our pleasure to publicize your company’s party. We’ll be happy to share any event photos or postings you put up on your social media on our own channels, which reach about 12,000 people.

2. Match it. In a big organization? Energize staff by getting management (or clients!) to match any fundraising the staff accomplishes.

3. Crowdfunding is where it’s at.  Got limited time? You can create your organization’s personal SKETCH Giving Page on and forward the link to staff, clients–even your competitors!–to join in the fundraising. Develop your own theme like “We’re getting 20 people to donate $20 to celebrate SKETCH’s 20 years of impact!”

4.  Is it receiptable? Tax receipts are issued to people or organizations who donate their own funds to SKETCH. Proceeds collected at events through collection jars, bake sales, craft sales, raffles, etc., do not get a tax receipt. Contact Gillian Aitken at or (416-516-1559 ex. 2901) to learn about exceptions.

5. Represent SKETCH accurately. SKETCH doesn’t see itself as a  “school” and the amazing artists and youth leaders here aren’t “street kids.” Learn more from our SKETCH Q&A to represent SKETCH accurately in your communications. Connect with us if you want to talk messaging.

6.   Don’t be a stranger. Feel free to drop off the funding in person for a tour and photo-op.

Past Company Fundraisers for SKETCH

  • Zig Agency (now Crispin Porter + Bogusky) hosted annual Christmas auctions
  • The Queen Mother Cafe donated 35% of food sales on its 35th birthday
  • Beau’s Brewery fundraised through a graphic-design exhibition
  • The Hive Agency and Brown Forman Canada featured SKETCH at their Christmas Party.