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SKETCH announces a new goal: by 2018, SKETCH will have engaged 1500 young people, living on the margins in Toronto, through the arts.

What will the actual impact look like? Here’s what we’ve set for ourselves. By 2018:

  • 1500 young people will have discovered creative possibilities in the arts, and made new connections through SKETCH’s arts engage;
  • 750 will have increased health and wellbeing, and skills and capacity, through SKETCH’s arts incubator and;
  • 375 will have increased resilience, leadership capacity, connections to education, careers and community, through SKETCH’s arts platform.

To achieve this impact, we’ve developed our Theory of Change: a three-point-engagement strategy cultivated from our near twenty years of local arts practise.
theory of change chart

The journey begins with Arts Engage–activities that inspire creative discovery when imagination gets hold of the simple combination of art materials, musical instruments, and the space to create. Arts Engage ignites a desire to explore, to try, and to re-
member the creative abandon we naturally possessed as children.

Arts Incubator follows. It’s like an unschooling school where people unlearn and learn with each other, take risks and experiment with new ideas–all while increasing skills in self-care and building relationships. Young people participating have opportunities to learn from established artists and peer artists, and to develop their skills in various art forms. Case in point: SKETCH’s Community Arts Leadership Program ensures that youth participating are well supported to incubate and grow their ideas and capacities.

Finally, ARTS PLATFORM is a cluster of activities in which young people develop their leadership abilities, their own initiatives, connect with employment and education channels, and assert their creative contributions in our community.

This journey is grounded in our long-held belief that if young people living on the margins or homeless engage and develop in the arts, they will increase their resilience and capacity to live well and lead in building inclusive and creative communities.